Friday, July 29, 2011

Road trip to MOPS Convention!

If you have known me since my becoming a mother you have heard me talk about the amazing ministry that is MOPS. (Incase you're visiting today and have no idea what I'm talking about you can read a short bit here under MOPS or visit the official MOPS website here.)

I have been fortunate enough to be part of my MOPS group for almost my entire mothering journey and one thing is certain: My life is better for it.

I know. That sounds a bit dramatic. How could a "little mom's group", as some of my acquaintances have put it, really make that much of an impact on someone? My family is living proof that MOPS is much more than a social gathering of tired mommas. Sure, catching a break from the kids is a perk but this runs much deeper.

Because of MOPS, I have been inspired and challenged to become the woman that God has created me to be. I have learned more from His word than I have in most church settings. Through various serving positions within my group, I have grown in confidence as a leader and learned more than ever than leading is really serving. I have become a better wife to my husband and certainly a better mother to my children. I have seen the hands and feet of Jesus acting and in motion. I have enjoyed countless hours of laughter and tears, prayers, outreaches, play dates, and so many more amazing memories with women who have now become some of my very dearest friends.

It is with great joy and humility that I get to serve my MOPS group as Co-Coordinator. I take this new position of leadership seriously as I have experienced first-hand how this ministry can change lives.

Next week myself and 4 girlfriends will load up in a mini-van and take a road trip to Nashville, TN to attend the MOPS International Convention. I am SO excited that I will probably pack my things tonight...only to unpack them and re-pack them several more times before we leave ;-) 3 out of 5 of us are pregnant....this is going to be a fun drive!

I attended my first MOPS convention last year and I will never forget the feeling that I got when I walked into the main auditorium. A sea of faces from all around the US and even some women from afar all together worshipping, praising, singing. My eyes filled with tears as I realized that it wasn't just ME that was so positively transformed by this ministry...but it was thousands!

Through each breakout session and main service I journaled notes like a mad women. I was "getting it". I mean I "got it" before but I was there learning first-hand from the amazing leadership teams from MOPS International the TRUE heartbeat of MOPS: that every mom would come into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

We are not just a social group. We are not just a break from the kids. We are not just a place to get yummy breakfast. We are MOPS. We exist so that NO MOTHER will be alone on her mothering journey. We are here to help EVERY MOTHER, no matter her background or story, come to know Jesus in a real and life-changing way.

My life was changed. My heart enlarged for this vision of "no mother alone" love women where they are at, to walk beside them, to reach out to them, to go beyond myself, my ability and my comfort zone to show them Jesus.

...and this is why I will be loading my pregnant self into a mini-van for 10+ hours to attend convention next align my heart and my head with the true meaning of this ministry, to be equipped to carry out the"heart beat of MOPS", to grow as a leader which really means becoming a better servant.

Do you attend a MOPS group? Do you want to? Check out this link to find a group in your area. If you're in my neck of the woods you can find out more about our MOPS group by visiting the links below:

Are you attending convention this year? If so, leave a comment! I'd love to connect with you in TN!


  1. I am so honored to be your friend! MOPS is awesome and it has made me a better mom too - in the basic things like knowing I'm not the only one who has those bad days and in the big things like knowing that God wants to use motherhood to draw me closer to him.

    And I promise, if you need to stop for a potty break, we'll make it happen!

  2. Sabes-You are one of those friends I met though MOPS that I am talking about!! I can't wait to spend the weekend with you and I am glad to know you love me enough to stop for a potty break ;-)

  3. I am a MOPS mom. Our group has 6 moms going to convention, including myself. My first convention was 2 years ago in Nashville. I was transformed. My relationship with God changed from the moment I worshiped with thousands of moms just like me. MOPS has helped make me who I am today.

  4. Shana3marie-How awesome! Where are you ladies traveling from? I would love to meet you and your group!

  5. Thank you for sharing! And I'm loving your blog!

  6. Cookies for Dinner-Thank you! Have a great day :-)

  7. Followed the link from the Mopscv page. I haven't even started packing yet! Oh no! :) Thanks for blogging and explaining to so many what MOPS really is. Have a terrific time this week! I know we will. 6 of us in a minivan for the 7-hr drive. Whee!

  8. Dana, thanks for visiting! I have started the "gathering" but not the packing yet! Today is the day to pack :-) Have a fun and safe drive! Praying you have a fantastic week!